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Reduce the impact of corrosion by changing how policy makers approach legislation pertaining to this issue. Your support guides CORROSION PAC’s mission, strengthens the voice of the industry, and advances corrosion control solutions. Your knowledge, expertise and experience is unique and unmatched and just what is needed to advance the conversation and spur proactive corrosion planning.

How much should you donate?

All donations support the CORROSION PAC mission. Whether $10 or $1,000, your donation builds corrosion champions in Congress. If committing a large amount is not feasible, a recurring donation of a small denomination such as $10 per month can go a long way toward reducing the financial burden of corrosion and improving public safety! Can you spare $10 a month to inform legislators about corrosion control solutions?

*You may contribute any amount up to $5,000 per year (your spouse may also contribute any amount up to $5,000 per year).

How do you donate to the PAC?

Qualifying donors (members of the NACE International Institute meeting U.S. citizenship requirements) may donate through the CORROSION PAC Donation Form. You must have your member ID to complete the form, if you need help finding your member ID please call 800-797-6223. To donate by phone or mail, please contact Sue Carlin, 703-569-9400,; Corrosion PAC, PO Box 2485, Springfield, VA 22152

NACE International Institute may accept corporate donations to fund its PAC operations account from member companies that are U.S. companies or U. S. subsidiaries of foreign companies. These donations will not be used to support federal candidates directly. They will be used by NACE International Institute to fund the operating expenses of the PAC. If you are interested in making such a donation, or for additional information, contact Adam Christopher, 571-243-1242,

Who can donate?

Contributions to CORROSION PAC are used for political purposes.

Contributions are voluntary and you may choose whether and how much to give without concern of favor, disadvantage, or reprisal by the NACE International Institute or CORROSION PAC. You may not be reimbursed for your contribution.

Federal law requires CORROSION PAC to make its best effort to report to the Federal Election Commission the name, address, occupation, and name of employer for each individual whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year.

Additional Information

CORROSION PAC is a nonpartisan, voluntary alliance of NACE International Institute members who share political objectives and choose to pool their resources to amplify their voice in Washington, DC. As a federal committee, the CORROSION PAC can only contribute to candidates who are running for federal office.


Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.